The Morning After

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Ariah - The Morning After


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Ariah - This is Me, This Is Us.


From the moment I first heard my Mother sing, I've felt in my soul a longing for something I couldn't yet grasp.

Something I could only hope to dream about.

Until I realized that the only thing stopping me from achieving my dreams, was me.

and that's when my world changed...


I make music;

For the person sitting alone in their house, staring out the window, wondering if anybody else feels the way they do.

For the weirdos, the picked on, & the left out.

For anybody who has ever wondered about what's to come of life & death.

And to revel in the beauty of all of it.

Ariah - This is Me, This Is Us.
Ariah - This is Me, This Is Us.


Life's a bunch-a-piece-a-shit sometimes, and we're all riding this crap-storm out together.

All I want, is to share my experiences with the people who need it, and hope that others may discover they aren't alone.

There's always a silver lining.

It's step by step, minute by minute, one breath at a time.